The State Government are favouring certain unions, leaving Australians with no choices as the costs of living sky-rockets.

The State Government is trying to force workers into the corner and give them no option for which union represents them and their interests. Independent unions should be allowed to operate and run effectively without interference from the State Government.

New legislation would mean independent unions can’t exist or offer lower cost membership options, which is particularly important if your union membership is a condition of employment. This means that not only are you being forced to join a government-preferred union, but you are also forced to pay exorbitant costs, up to double what you could pay elsewhere. In a situation where the cost of living is skyrocketing and impacting families Australia-wide, cheaper union options for Australian workers is vital.

Union membership in Australia has been steadily declining for the past 50 years. In 1976 over half of Australian workers were members of a Union and by 2018, that figure has dropped to 14% and is still declining to this day. This is in no small part due to the State Government narrowing the market and leaving employees with no choice, disassociating them from unions altogether.

The State Government is bullying hard-working Queenslanders and smaller independent unions for their own nefarious purposes. Recently, there has been a significant legal push to disallow any independent unions who may threaten the monopoly partisan unions have over their industries.

Every Queenslander should have a right to choose which union represents them and their interests. We’re calling on the Government to introduce measures that would protect independent unions and allow them to continue to operate and protect Queensland workers.

Every signature counts, so please do your part. Your support directly contributes to the future of independent unions and the freedom of Queensland workers.


Take action today and write a letter to the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MLA, Premier of Queensland, your local State MP, and the President of the Industrial Court of Queensland, Peter Davis.

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Sign the petition to encourage workers’ freedom of choice and allow independent unions to continue operating!

The State Government wants to force coglermation and stop independent unions from operating. These actions significantly impact thousands of Queensland workers. Queensland workers should be allowed the right to choose a union which represents their interests and their beliefs without any political affiliation.

Did you know almost half of the fees people pay to government preferred unions go towards services that do not directly benefit their members? This can range from election polling, campaigning on behalf of government initiatives, or even donations to political events.

For most teachers and nurses, it’s a condition of employment for you to have liability insurance. People are being forced to join government preferred unions as a condition of employment. Without independent unions, there are no choices. With no competition, unions have no incentive to put members first.

By sending a letter today, you are telling major decision makers and those in power that independent unions are essential to Queensland workers. Immediate measures must be taken to protect Queenslander workers from having no choice in which union they want to represent them.

We have provided a templated letter, but encourage you to add your own opinions and experiences to further drive home the damage being done by preventing independent unions from operating. Your letter will be sent to the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MLA, Premier of Queensland, your local State Member of Parliament and the President of the Industrial Court of Queensland, Peter Davis.

The continued operation of independent unions is essential to upholding the rights of Queensland workers. Act now and write your letter to those in power to enact change and protect Queenslander workers who wish to be represented by a union that supports them.

Why you’re supporting independent unions

"I’m supporting Independent Unions because Australia IS a democratic country & choice is our birthright! Also as costs are skyrocketing, having a choice of cheaper & apparently more appropriate options for the ordinary citizen, is paramount! "
"I believe that unions are an important part of our workforce when they act for the best outcome for their members. However, there is always the danger that power becomes more important than their member's welfare so that they forget where their responsibi"
"I’m supporting independent unions because my union was able to give me significant support when I had a major disagreement with my employer in 2020."
Clayton Eiby
"the unions don't want to lose their control. No different than the government."
"There are unions in Queensland who run the grubberment and tell them what to do. I know as I've worked with one at times over the years. They like to waste member's money too."
"The State Government wants to leave everyone behind! "
"Supporting small unions is important!"
"Red union will give me and others the voice "
"I support Red Union cause most unions have given up control and are working under the government "
"This is Red Union, an independent union. A categorical different union to the unions that are supporters to ALP."
"Sadly some unions have signed themselves up to the government control "
"The big unions have now become large financial corporations and have forsaken workers rights. They are more interested in appeasing the market and their political masters and many conditions have been thrown away. I believe there should be another labour "
Scott Donovan
"I'm supporting independent unions because I am well aware of the influence of government, especially the Labor government has on certain unions, and it is critically important that this influence is eliminated to protect the workers, particularly where un"
Sandra Hass
"I support independent unions as on two occassions in the last 10 years my unions has not represented by interests sufficiently. On the 1st instance the union organizers for the area were in fact quiet hostile to my cause. On the second instance the Union "
"Big unions have let me down too many times. I left for 12 months then signed on again to give them another chance but I found their support and action to be inadequate. I would also like to know why my name is given to big unions by my employer . They use"
"The State government led by NanaAnna Has for too long been rewarding certain Unions with work. Cost blow-outs and outrageous pay rates cost US as taxpayers ever increasing amounts. Without the RIGHT TO CHOOSE workers are also penalised. Time to stop the r"
"I'm supporting independent unions as we all have freedom of choice to choose who represents us in our workplaces!!"
Lynn Robinson
"I'm not writing to the Govt., coz they [like the Federal counterparts] obviously want business/profit over worker's health & rights, to make their 'jobs' easier. I support independent Unions because without them, our children would soon be back down the c"
"I wanted a cheaper alternative but also one that was not pushing wider political agendas beyond supporting Teachers with protection from unscrupulous employers or parents or students. I must point out on the other hand that I much prefer official e-Petit"
Bruce Vaschina
"Always pro choice"
"Upholding democratic principles by which our governments claim to be based, I’m supporting Independent Unions. We should all have a choice of representation which is not biased or based on political alliance . After 40 years in mainstream unions I now f"
Dale Worland
"I'm supporting independent unions because we should all have a choice as to who represents us. I have never joined a union before this, despite being in the workforce for over 40 years, however felt the need for protection from an overbearing government"
"workers would have no rights without unions"
Robbie Brownlie
"My issues were dismissed by the QNMU while the NPAQ was able to support me and get them resolved. All workers deserve a choice in who represents them. "
"I’m supporting independent unions because I should have a choice on who represents me. Also they have been more affordable and responsive in serving my needs."
Tammy Bittigieg
"Rising cost of living is hurting millions. Cheaper options for people who can't afford expensive fees are a no brainer."
"More affordable for me and my family"
"My voice is never heard by the larger unions "
"Choice is important when deciding who represents me "
"Support the little guys"
"Because we need to hold the large unions accountable and provide choice."


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